About Smacircle

We believe that innovation and technoloy
changes the way how we move
around and makes the city a better place.

About Smacircle

We are creating smart, compact, fun
and practical transportation for everyone.

About Smacircle

We unlock the future of mobility,
join the electric, and empower people
to move toward a clean future.

What is Smacircle

Smacircle is a combination of small, smart, and circle. Smacircle is an innovative brand that makes moving around lightweight, fun, and entertaining by creating smart, compact, easy to carry, and practical products.

Our Mission

Smacircle is to bring you the smallest and most convenient micro-mobility vehicle that solves the first- mile last-mile transportation problem.

Who We Are

Smacircle transforms your mundane everyday transit into an entertaining, meaningful, individually tailored, and endless experience.


a new day.

About Smacircle Micro-Mobility
Movement is not Just a dull transit from A to B. Movement is a short moment And a whole lifetime. Saving time on commute And spending time on yourself. Discovering and being discovered. Winding and unwinding. Forgoing directions And finding the unexpected. Forgetting the destination And focusing on the route. It's a short trip And a long journey. All it takes is The perfect vehicle Unfold a smacircle.


Smacircle worldwide partnership

Smacircle worldwide


Smacircle has formed partnerships with distributors in global countries and areas such as the U.S., Japan, U.K., Australia, Norway and more.

Launch in Australia

Smacircle firstly is available in David Jones and Myer retail stores cross the Australia starting from November 2020.

Launch in Japan

Launch in Japan

Smacircle launched its Smacircle S1 Japanese Version sucessfully in Japan with Kibdango in Ausgust 2020.

CES 2020

We exhibited at CES 2020, and Smacircle S1 was named as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree.


LA Auto Show 2019

Smacircle was well received at this world famous transportation event.

ISPO 2019

We exhibited at ISPO Munich and received attention worldwide.

Partnership with Wham-O

Partnership with


Smacircle developed a strategic partnership with Intersport DBA Wham-O to introduce better solutions in “LAST MILE” transportation.


2018 Edison Awards - Silver

2018 Edison

Awards - Silver

Smacircle S1 won
2018 Edison Awards - Silver.

CES 2018

Our first time joined in CES, and Smacircle S1 was awarded as a 2018 CES Innovation Awards Honoree.


Indiegogo Launch

We launched the crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo and brought the exclusive innovation in the micro-mobility transportation filed.


Enjoy the Ride

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Smacircle Quick Handle-Strip


Smacircle Quick Handle-Strip